Frozen fish wholesale

SIA "VIKONSO" has been engaged in seafood wholesale since 2011.
We focus on technology and innovation in all aspects of international business and act as a global purchasing office for our clients, fish and seafood importers and distributors, effectively managing every aspect of the transaction on their behalf, including procurement, logistics, quality control and in some cases financing. This helps our partners to focus on their core tasks, strategic tasks and effectively manage day-to-day operations with less hassle and more efficiency.

The seafood industry is the most internationally traded commodity of all food categories. Given the increasing complexity and challenges of the current global economic environment, we offer our customers the convenience of a 'One Stop Shop' for fish and seafood. We cater to all purchasing needs in this product category and offer hundreds of different frozen fish and seafood items.

Our offer includes herring and sprat from the Baltic region, as well as salmon / trout bi-products from the Scandinavian region. We provide a full cycle of product processing, preparation and packaging according to the customer's request.